Emirates- #HelloJetman


Emirates  Р#Hello Jetman


Fly comfortably to the United States with Emirates, with a fleet of Airbus A380, you will comfortably be flown to the USA.They are known as the king of economy flights.


Emirate Airlines have some of the most modern fleet of planes, complete with the double decker of planes, the Airbus A380. These planes are the cruise liner of the skies,they are huge. I remember thinking the first time I flew on one, thinking, this really cannot fly, it`s too big to fly. How wrong I was, they gracefully fly through the sky.

emirates a380

If you would like to fly to the USA with Emirate Airlines and get a great deal on an amazingly comfortable flight, then click the Picture below to go straight to Emirates Flight Booking Website to the USA. Make your vacation start at the Airport with a comfortable and stress free flight!!

Emirates booking

With one of the best entertainment system in the airline world, called ICE, you can be rest assured that no matter where you are on the plane, you will be entertained all the way through your flight. Whether if its the latest blockbuster films, or music from your favorite artist, or play great games, or connect to the internet on some flights or you just want to know where you are in the world, then ICE with have it!! Watch the video below to see how great ICE is


This is Emirate Airlines